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The noble Borghese family of Italy is inseparably associated with the upper echelons of renaissance Roman society. This aristocratic agnomen appropriately suggests luxury, intricacy, and great worth. Like a great European family, the Borghese sofa evolves, adapts, and yet, in an essential way, remains exemplary.
Cluadio Bellini loves stiletto heels. One glance at the forward thinking designer of the ANTEPRIMA armchair's extensive portfolio will tell you that. Whether it's the elegant Don Giovanni sofa for Natuzzi Italia, a funky set of artist's stools, or U2's recording studio in Dublin
Timeless beauty is the inspiration of Maurizio Manzoni and Robert Tapinassi's exquisitely crafted modular concept piece DORIAN for Natuzzi Italia. StudioMemo's premier design partners
We are proud to introduce the latest and most innovative models Natuzzi Italia has to offer these days.
Maya Flex Chair designed by Paolo Cattelan has a steel frame and is upholstered in fabric, synthetic leather or soft leather. Has a flexible back restimate comfort. Designed with modern style, this sleek chair provides maximum comfort with a high backrest that adjusts to one’s posture. The chair is covered with soft leather throughout with light padding and an extra head cushio
A first glance at Avana by Natuzzi Italia evokes images of a dark paneled game room in a Victorian mansion or a sharp art deco study, a European aristocrat lounging with a glass of brandy dangling from their fingertips. Add an antique globe, an umbrella stand and roll the camera on the next episode of Downton Abbey.



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