Natuzzi Italia Cammeo Chair – Love at First Sit

Some pieces of furniture transcend the cliche’ descriptions of sleek advertising copy and pretentious furniture blogs… like this one even. Some pieces of furniture are what they are, quintessentially. Wait, now I’m sounding pretentious. What I mean to say is, they feel great. When you actually sit in the Natuzzi Italia Cammeo, luxuriate in it, get a moment to relax, you’ll likely utter the immortal words “this is my favorite chair.” At least I did.


Natuzzi Italia Cammeo Chair


Natuzzi Italia has mastered the chair. They’ve combined minimalist design with ergonomic dexterity. The result is a stand-alone furnishing which inspires the reaction a chair should engender; people love sitting in it. It’s incredibly comfortable. Whether you’re fully reclining, or perched on the side engrossed in debate, the Cammeo embraces your mood and supports position. This is the chair that the staff members always seem to gravitate to in the showroom. Like a great restaurant, it’s tough to get a seat.

Sure the curvilinear chrome base and unique leather hinge upholstering makes this piece pleasing to the eye, but once you sit in it you literally feel the genius of the design. The feather backrest is superb. The hand-tailored leather can only be described as creamy to the touch. Ok, that is pretentious. Seriously though, Natuzzi’s commitment to tanning their own leather goods and producing their own foam supports pays off in a huge way especially when what you’re looking for is an exceptionally comfortable place to indulge in your favorite film or cocktail.


Natuzzi Italia Cammeo Chair


In short, sitting is believing. There I said it. Truth is, the Cammeo is well worth the trip to our Watertown design center. Once you’ve run your fingers over the supple Italian leather covering and given into the impulse to kick back and stretch out on this one of a kind living room piece, I firmly believe you’ll agree; I’m understating it’s allure. A chance encounter, a soft embrace, this is love.

Posted by: Thomas Kee

Anteprima is animated comfort

Cluadio Bellini loves stiletto heels. One glance at the forward thinking designer of the ANTEPRIMA armchair’s extensive portfolio will tell you that. Whether it’s the elegant Don Giovanni sofa for Natuzzi Italia, a funky set of artist’s stools, or U2’s recording studio in Dublin, the impression is always the same. His style is remarkable, ever elegant, and constantly chic’. The ANTEPRIMA armchair rocks this look with as bold a tone as any of Bellini’s pieces. Unapologetically posh Italian leather upholstering supports you in comfort while quietly suggesting a night at the Oscars. The slightly reclining seat kicks you back and the signature fine line legs finish the effect.


Natuzzi Italia Anteprima armchair


Bellini defines his process as “a mind adventure; free of any prejudice, animated only by enthusiasm, curiosity and optimism.” Merge that with Natuzzi’s dedication to create furniture that “is the unique and unrepeatable result of our culture” and you have the perfect marriage of the inventive and the timeless. It’s why the ANTEPRIMA chair fits as effortlessly beside the LONG BEACH sofa Bellini designed for Natuzzi as it does in a contemporary office landscape. This chair doesn’t just sit in the corner. It’s poised on it’s feet, curving with comfort, inviting you to take a breather, refreshing your enthusiasm for life.

Beneath the elegant notes of Bellini’s creation, lies a quality furnishing that is all NATUZZI. Environmentally sustainable hardwood framing, covered in hand-worked European leather or fabrics with a matching assortment of finishes for the feet. All these flourishes emphasize a balance of form and function. This is a flawless harmony of soft-to-the-touch leather cushioning and heirloom quality Natuzzi craftmanship.


Natuzzi Italia Anteprima Armchair



ANTEPRIMA is available through the Natuzzi QuickShip program so your delivery experience will be a seamless as the piece itself. Satisfy your curiosity and experience the comfort of this boldly drawn, contemporary armchair. Visit our Watertown design center and luxuriating in one of many floor models in person.

Posted by: Thomas Kee


Sleeper Hit: Natuzzi Italia Arioso Sleeper

In the world of classical music, an ARIOSO is a soaring operatic aria. In the world of finely crafted Italian furnishings ARIOSO by Natuzzi Italia is a sumptuous blend of sleep technology, luscious cushions, and fabrics. When the curtain comes down, this sleeper is a triumph of comfort and simplicity. The style and clean lines bely the large voluptuous seats, each with an added layer of memory foam. Step back, open the headrest, and the ARIOSO presents a plot twist. Within the lumbar support backrest are two 100% goose feather cushions for maximum convenience and comfort. Pleasant surprises are emblematic of the piece.



Like any timeless musical composition, the beauty of ARIOSO is in it’s ingenuity and the “ah ha” moments it provokes. Here is a sofa that on its face is the kind of ultra cushiony living room center-piece that invites everyone to relax and play. A single movement later its a technologically advanced custom sleep experience. The optional classic spring or Greenplus mattress, the convertible headrests which become an elegant headboard, and the flexibility of using feather cushions as bolsters all add to the transformative nature of this sofa turned sleeper. The “Ready Bed” mechanism offers light-touch one-handed ease when opening. Add the uniquely placed hidden pillow compartment which optimizes storage capacity, and you have a symphony of possibilities.


Natuzzi Italia Arioso Sleeper


The counterpoint to the ARIOSO sleeper sofa is the equally poignant sleeper chair, offering all these creature comforts in a compact little number that opens into a space-saving chaise. Both pieces play out in a banquet of color and pattern choices all in deeply textured fabric or microfiber. These are well orchestrated designs in tune with classic or contemporary furnishings. Both achieve the harmony of comfort and lasting value you expect from Natuzzi. Visit out Watertown design center, put some Puccini on your headphones, and experience the sumptuous beauty of this sleeper for yourself.


Natuzzi Italia Arioso Sleeper

Posted by: Thomas Kee

Jesse Wall Units – Open to Interpretation

The freedom to express yourself, to shape the way you live, to define your interior space in ways that reflect your individuality and taste: these are the concepts that inspire the OPEN WALL SYSTEM by Jesse. These sleek, modular elements suggest an infinite array of solutions to the question of modern design. Walnut hanging bookcases evoke classic architectural forms. Elegant horizontal cabinets offer expansive display levels with Nero black drop-down doors. Intriguing combinations of Thermal Oak, Visone matt lacquer, and satin glass in a variety of classic tones excite the design pallet.


Jessy Open system


OPEN to a solution that turns wall-space into an elegant cache for books, craft objects, and your favorite hi-tech devices? These components liberate floor space, producing clean lines with flexible dimensions capable of supporting sophisticated home entertainment systems.


Jessy Open system


The OPEN system allows seamless cable passages through expertly laid out dust- guarded passages. Optional ‘magic eye’ sensors place AV packages out of sight, enabling one-touch remotes, and clearing valuable display space. Over a dozen stylish geometric forms organize into a highly functional, aesthetically intriguing answer to the question of the contemporary living space.


Jesse Open System


Whether your eye enjoys polished open surfaces or an eclectic melange (say your wide-screen TV, the terra cotta bowl you picked up in Morocco, and your favorite family photo) this innovative language of wall elements translates those impulses into modern elegance. Our IDI design team can develop photo/realistic renderings based on your custom ground plan to enable you to create your own interpretation. Visit our Watertown design center and be OPEN to inspiration.


Jesse Open wall unit system

Avana: The modern classic with endless possibilities

Avana Natuzzi Italia sofa


A first glance at AVANA by Natuzzi Italia evokes images of a dark paneled game room in a Victorian mansion or a sharp art deco study, a European aristocrat lounging with a glass of brandy dangling from their fingertips. Add an antique globe, an umbrella stand and roll the camera on the next episode of Downton Abbey. But a gentle touch of AVANA’s wide, cleverly incorporated headrest, and the possibilities begin to multiply. Now you’re really reclining. You’ve entered a contemporary living room, the whole family piled in beside you laughing at cartoons on the wide-screen. The broad supporting armrests invite cocktails or bowls of popcorn. This limo that can carry you anywhere.

Its namesake inspired by the artistry of master cigar rollers, this spacious creation echoes the craftsmanship of a Master Tabaquero whose dexterity and transformation of natural materials create an atmosphere of sensuous aromas and relaxation. A perfect appellation.


Avana Natuzzi Italia Sofa


AVANA is a voluptuous leather experience, welcoming the tallest guest to stretch out before the fire. Its secret lies in the way it skillfully adapts to a myriad of styles and configurations. Available in stationary, sofachaise, or sectional, it presents itself easily among traditional, contemporary, rustic, or eclectic decor. That is the birthright of classic design.

Modern, refined, and impeccably crafted, this sofa is loaded with the quality you expect from Natuzzi Italia. 25 Grade leather, rounded metal framing, and tufting on the seat all combine for unmatched elegance and sublime comfort. AVANA entreats the touch. Our Watertown design center offers the perfect setting to luxuriate and feel first-hand the possibilities.

Posted by: Thomas Kee

Dorian: The Portrait of Elegant Design

Natuzzi Italia Dorian Sofa


Timeless beauty is the inspiration of Maurizio Manzoni and Robert Tapinassi’s exquisitely crafted modular concept piece DORIAN for Natuzzi Italia.  StudioMemo’s premier design partners draw their elegant sofa’s namesake from Oscar Wilde’s classic novel The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Their creation achieves the ageless allure of the novel’s protagonist without selling its soul.

At ease amidst a luxury living room ensemble, accenting a home entertainment studio, or relaxing in the office, DORIAN’s sweeping outline echoes the contour of Manzoni yacht designs while blending deep, low seated comfort. Covering and configuration options excite the imagination and adapt easily to a broad array of refined interiors. You can picture the international architect at work in this styling: balancing proportions, concealing seams, suggesting unique arrangements. The effect is an effortless execution of versatility and comfort.


Natuzzi Italia Dorian Sofa


Thick leather or richly woven fabric double stitched tone-on-tone entirely encompass this refined system of seats. The rich upholstery cloaks DORIAN’S generous proportions, linear design, and sophisticated composition. Every aspect of this composition reveals intelligent textile choices characteristic of Professor Tapinassi’s decades of fabric and interior design experience, all uniquely suited to deliver comfort and underlying form. Integrated lumbar cushioning joined with ECOFLEX memory foam deliver lasting support and durability on a hidden matte-black polished steel footing sensibly padded to protect modern flooring.

Meticulously handcrafted, made from sustainable materials, and invested with a lifetime structural warranty, this piece embodies Pasquale Natuzzi’s half-a-century long commitment to heirloom quality furnishings. DORIAN is a finely detailed portrait of lasting elegance.


Natuzzi Italia Dorian Sofa


Experience the comfort and styling of the DORIAN modular concept in person. Italian Design Interiors is proud to present the latest most innovative offerings from Natuzzi Italia in our showroom. Visit our Watertown design center and imagine!

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3 new beds from Rossetto

Rosesetto Vela Bed

The attractive design Vela bed by Rossetto offers a wide, comfortable headboard creating a stunning backdrop. The warm oak termotrattato finish emphasizes the distinctive lines of this one of a kind bed. Vela provides the perfect foundation for a fabulous bedroom.

Rossetto Vela Bed

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Rossetto Ali Bed

The abstract headboard and unconventional design define this magnificent bed. The warmth of the wood finish and leather blend seamlessly with the clean and geometrical lines of Ali. The broad headboard creates an empowering backdrop to a perfect, modern bedroom.

Rossetto Ali Bed

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Rossetto Tratto Bed

The simplistic and elegant design of the Tratto bed is achieved through its clean and warm lines.  This bed is an ideal fit for contemporary, transitional as well as traditional setting and will most certainly be the focal point of the bedroom.

Rossetto Trotto Bed

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