Borghese: The Royal Treatment

The noble Borghese family of Italy is inseparably associated with the upper echelons of renaissance Roman society. This aristocratic agnomen appropriately suggests luxury, intricacy, and great worth. Like a great European family, the Borghese sofa evolves, adapts, and yet, in an essential way, remains exemplary.

Natuzzi Italia Borghese Sofa
Achieving this begins at birth. The foundation of the Borghese sofa is kiln dried sustainable hardwood, stock that is personally selected, and hand-crafted with a finish that marvels to the touch. With no less than eighteen finishes to select from, this dramatic range allows the piece to be at ease in the most prominent homes. But pedigree is not snobbery and elegance is not pretension. The hallmark of every Natuzzi creation is the fluent marriage of design and comfort.

Reclining into this superb settee is truly a princely encounter. Ergonomically precise cushions are replete with a layer of memory foam to surround and spoil you while webbing suspension in both seat and back support your every attitude. Adjust the manual or (optional) electric headrest to make this stately engagement complete. When you’re not indulging in the lush appointments of the Borghese design, don’t be surprised if the presence of its hand-tooled Italian leather upholstering and classic blanket stitched armrests become the talk of the party.

Natuzzi Italia Borghese Sofa


A deep seated divan, classically styled with heirloom quality craftsmanship, this sofa is a noble addition to any home. Consult with a staff designer at our Watertown center, select from a myriad of fabrics and finishes, create your own legacy.

Natuzzi Italia Borghese Sofa

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