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Remember those amazing bedroom scenes from classic films? Whether it’s Dustin Hoffman kneeling behind Ann Bancroft on what looks like her daughter’s bed in The Graduate, or Audrey Hepburn sprawled out on the bed of her Manhattan flat with her orange cat perched on her back. These iconic scenes would fade from memory had they not been set in an exquisitely designed boudoir. Enter the FENICE BED by Natuzzi Italia, as at home on the set of a Franco Zeffirelli film as it is in your guest bedroom. This sleep system has the authenticity and timeless elegance it takes to make any interior a classic scene.

 Natuzzi Fenice Bed

Designed by renowned interior artists Berhardt and Vella, the FENICE BED echoes the enveloping lines of the grande villas in Frankfurt of Munich devised by this team. Their furnishings are emblematic with their tilting contours, evident in the FENICE headboard, as well as just a hint of Scandinavian modernism in the neatly tucked jointure between mattress and plush pillow back. The beauty of this piece is in it’s natural ease, not only in the country house by the lake, but also in the high rise apartment overlooking the park. Choose supple Italian leather upholstering and place the FENICE beside Natuzzi’s ROSETTO NIGHTFLY NIGHTSTAND and roll the camera on an ultra-modern, upscale interior scene that’s sure to be a thriller. Replace the removable covering with a smooth textile or textured fabric, add a painted end table, an overstuffed comforter and Hugh Grant, and you’re ready for the sequel to Bridget Jones’s Diary. 

 Natuzzi Fenice Bed

The FENICE BED is hardly just a showpiece though. It’s creators have added a fair dose of practicality to it’s cinematic good looks. The space conscious urban living space can benefit a lot from the clever way that this mattress lifts up completely on a sturdy alloy interior frame revealing a huge storage casement for bed linens and pillows. The luxurious, overstuffed backrest is removable, as are all your choices of coverings. Colors and bedding options abound as you craft your own personal sleep story with the FENICE as the central character. 

 Natuzzi Fenice Bed

Enjoy an extravagant dress rehearsal of bedtime stories yet to come by experiencing the FENICE BED firsthand at our Watertown Design Center. Sleeping is believing when it comes to the comfort and elegance of this deliciously designed modern classic. Our design staff can assist you with state-of-the-art computer rendering tools that help you visualize the gorgeous bedroom scene you can create with FENICE in the picture.

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