Carpanelli Arts padded bed
Carpanelli Arts writing desk, Arts three-seater sofa, Arts armchair and Arts coffee table-container
Footlights extensible table with mirrors
Boiserie with bookcase furniture, Book writing desk, PO17 swivelling armchair and SE14 padded chairs
Dali crystal table, SE38 palisander chairs, SE39 palisander small armchairs, VE32 Hermitage glass cabinet and CR36 Hermitage sideboard-bureau

Carpanelli is a family company that has its roots in the artistic processing of wood in cabinet and top notch. A long tradition of craftsmanship: the company is Bottega d'Autore since 1919 when it was founded by Joseph Carpanelli, known and appreciated cabinetmaker . For over fifty years, however, the pieces Carpanelli born from the creativity of Leopold - material and spiritual heir of his father is now flanked by his nephew Joseph - and his love for art, culture and elegance. Objects classic flavor contemporary Carpanelli the pieces are made from selected materials - precious woods and exotic species - and enriched with elaborate carvings, made by hand as before, and details in mother of pearl, precious stones and metals. All creations are, in fact, think for a customers with an international profile, more and more selective and refined.

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