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Natuzzi Re-vive

Love doing nothing

The world's first

The human body is designed to move. Traditional recliners are operated with lever mechanisms.
We set out to change that and design a recliner that intuitively responds to your body’s movement. Re-vive moves as you move, it flexes as you adjust, providing a seamless transition between body positions.

Technology meets craftsmanship

Unique innovation
The Re-vive recliner combines a series of patents and design registrations (pending) to deliver a new movement in comfort.
Eco friendly
The Re-vive recliner is not only sourced from recycled materials where possible, but has been designed to be highly recyclable at the end of life.
Strong & Flexible
For the ultimate combination of flexibility and strength, the spine is made from injection molded polymer composite, while the major shell components are made from injection molded, flexing polymer.
Smooth turn
Smooth and seamless rotation is delivered from ground stainless steel bearing.
Easy slide
For easy sliding without marking, the gliding feet are made from ultra smooth, molded polymer.
Tough coat
Long life protection and reduced marking of the main mechanism comes with a smooth powder coat finish.
Minimal components
With only seven assemblies this chair is designed for minimal failure and easy replacement.
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