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PRESOTTO: Technology guided by the heart.


Luciano Biscontin began as an apprentice at Presotto after it’s founding in 1948. In the early 1960’s, he became the guiding force behind this prestigious furniture manufacturer. Like many bold innovators of that period, Biscontin was inspired by beauty, a renewed commitment to the environment, and a growing renaissance in Italian artisanship. In his imagination, he saw what Presotto could become. Anticipating and in many ways defining the growing trend in the use of sustainable resources, he set out to remake the firm as a state-of-the-art industry leader devoted to the kind of exceptionalism epitomized by the mark ‘100% Made in Italy’. He also nurtured the artistry at the heart his business. When describing his furnishings Biscontin says, “They all express the special beauty of the Made in Italy style that is never outmoded; at the same time they’re innovative and built to last.”  The visionary designer called this philosophy, ‘Design for Life.’


The 1990’s brought a dramatic influx in low-cost, single note design which rattled many of Italy’s select furniture makers. Seeing this shift as an opportunity, Presotto created one of the most advanced research and development facilities in Europe, allowing them to create customer centered design solutions, utilizing techniques that revolutionized the industry. Paolo Sartini, head of R&D at Presotto explains: “When a new product is designed, we analyze the individual functions to which it must respond, including volume, functionality, modularity and the possibility of integrating electrical systems.”  They charted an environmentally sustainable path focusing on lean manufacturing principles. They were awarded the rare distinction of ‘100% Made in Italy,’ and (unlike so many) they eluded the trend toward mass-market banality by producing intensely personal design solutions for a very select public.


At the epicenter of this energy is a perpetual commitment to re-imagining the contemporary living space. Innovation is life at Presotto. One glimpse of the immense portfolio presented at marquise events like Fuorisalone Milan illustrates the design team’s facility with natural materials (stone, Corten steel, textured wood), as well as their intuitive sense of evolving interior design. Above all, the iconic pieces they create invite an authentic juncture between the furnishings and the architecture of your individual home. Scenarios abound when you consider the over 100 finishes available for these highly stylized modular settings. Yet the distinctive influences of the authors, designers like Renzo Piano, Lorenzo Bellini, Toyo Ito, still pervade. This vivid interplay of bold conception and the unique ability of their compositions to adapt to customer’s needs is the legacy of over a half-a-century commitment to empathizing deeply with their client’s desires.


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