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A playful aspect with a sixties flare for shape and style, the Skin mirror can jazz up your interior design with it's honeycomb pattern and clever use of negative space. Tinted in bronze or silver, the symmetry of these mirrors is a wonderful counterpoint to their unique squared-oval shape. Designed by principal designer Nicola Tonin, this set exemplifies the ethos of Tonin Casa's contemporary collection. A perfect compliment to the Honey sideboard by Tonin Casa, together these pieces are elemental in their design and inspired by nature in a way that defies the boundaries of aesthete modernism.


21.25" W X 1.15" D X 13.5" H
Gianni Tonin had more than just a encyclopedic knowledge of classic furniture when he founded Tonin Casa in 1975. He had a vision of an ensemble of highly imaginative designers, each approaching the question of interior decor from a radically different observation point. As his fledgling company grew and thrived, more exciting minds were attracted to the project: painters, architects, theatrical designers, engineers, and even fashion designers all drawn from the great capitals of Europe. In common, was their passion for shaping carefully selected materials into elegant furnishings, hand-made in Italy. By the mid-nineties, inspired by the loyalty of their customers, these innovative artisans began to produce truly one-of-a-kind pieces offering new collections every year like a haut couture fashion house. By this time, their reputation was defined by bold contemporary offerings. Together they pioneered a concept of integrated collections that combine and re-align to bring harmony and distinctiveness to the modern living space- an approach which is now often imitated in the mass market. The unifying philosophy behind all this creative energy remains a love for wellness, comfort, life balance and the human form. Tonin Casa’s headquarters in Alta Padovana embodies this ethos in its essence, bringing the entire life-cycle of the product under one roof. Pieces emerge from the minds and hearts of brilliant designers, pass through the hands of journeyed craftsman, to the gallery and onto the showroom, never losing touch with the personal, intimate experience of the customer.
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