The design focus of Essentia mattresses centers on a deep commitment to the comfort and wellbeing of the customer. Essentia founder and CEO Jack Dell Accio began the venture in response to a health crisis within his own family. It’s an intensely personal mission. His years of experience within the industry provided a perfect vantage point to develop revolutionary memory foam and natural latex bedding using 100% natural, sustainable, certified organic materials. The design team reenvisioned the manufacture of mattresses beginning with fair-trade, sustainable raw materials and freed the construction phase from the use of toxic glues and laminates. Their products are backed by a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. Their durability and organic composition are verified by Consumer Reports and critical certifications from a broad spectrum of industry groups. Most importantly, Essentia provides you and your family a luxurious, comfortable night’s sleep on state-of-the-art bedding without exposure to any of the potential toxins present in synthetic materials. No wonder Essentia products have been praised for their ergonomic and health virtues by reviewers, health professionals, professional athletes, and knowledgable commentators world-wide.