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In the early 1960’s, the first Magniflex mattress was created in a small workshop by Giuliano Magnoi. Mr. Magni was focused on creating a mattress to meet the needs of most. Each mattress model is designed accommodate the individual needs of comfort, relaxation and health. Combination of passion, innovation and thorough research, Magniflex has become known for its comfort and wellbeing objective. Today, Magniflex is present on over 80 international markets with 8 showrooms including Milan, Florence, Cypress, Tokyo, New York, Dubai, Kiev and Singapore. Also, the company has over 80 products on the market including mattresses, bed frames, pillows and other sleep accessories. On average, about 10,000 mattresses are produces daily and currently about 35 million people are sleeping on a Magniflex mattress. Magniflex has a strong and determined team along with its president, Giuliano Magni, who are on the path of increasing its global strategy and presence.