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At the cross-section of modern art, fluid action, and extreme elegance, lives Italian designer Thomas Morbidelli and the Naos Action Design Collection. When James Bondís Q retires from the spy game and heads to Italy to fulfill his lifelong passion of furniture creation, he will surely join with the cutting edge designers at Naos where innovation, practicality, and action are constantly the agenda of the day. The Naos brand is peerless in itís use of effortlessly moving mechanisms, along with the chic employment of their favorite materials, chromed metal and stainless steel in shades of crystal, to create furniture that is as efficient as it is fashionable. Their tables are more like living art than workaday housewares. These pieces donít just lift or fold away, they transform- shifting into new shapes with a simple gesture for convenience and beauty as well as pragmatic usefulness. The genius is in the engineering which allows the materials (which also appear in finishes such as lightweight aluminum, wood, and ceramic) to connect and move. Movement is, after all, the essence of Naosí philosophy; design with movement that moves those who experience it. That is Action Design, and itís what sets Naos apart.

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