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Items 1 - 36 of 108

Elegant living demands beautiful, well chosen objects of exceptional quality. At IDI, we are committed to providing you the opportunity to luxuriate and feel first-hand the comfort of impeccably crafted furnishings at our Natuzzi Italia Gallery.


Wondering "is there a store near me where I can browse in person?" Located just twelve minutes from Boston at our Watertown design center, our gallery offers our patrons a chance not only to shop, but to immerse themselves in the Natuzzi furniture experience. Beyond merely furniture dealers, our team is made up of artists and layout experts who are always on hand to develop photo/realistic renderings based on your custom ground plan and discuss specific prices. Our stores atmosphere is about so much more than simply browsing our outlet and perusing what we have on sale. Indeed, visiting the IDI showroom is a delight to the senses. We provide a place where you can relax while experiencing our exquisite collection, full of colors, highly textured fabrics, well-oiled wood, and polished steel highlights which excite the eye, and inspire the imagination. Our in-house selection of Natuzzi furnishings is one of the finest in the USA and the largest in New England. Browse the collection in our online shop, then experience this exquisite brand in person.

Designing a complete living space with ease of purchase and efficient delivery is an integral part of our commitment to quality. The QuickShip Program delivers the most sought after products in our Design Portfolio to our most valued customers with care and convenience. Our website is loaded with ways to guide you through the process, offering you downloadable brochures to share with decision makers, as well as complete listings of Bedding and Re-Vive Quicktime Product Information. The idea of harmony is at the core of Natuzzis mission and, at IDI, we believe in assuring that that harmony and quality takes you from online, into our showroom, and, finally, right into your home.


Here is a brand known, not only for their commitment to harmony and ingenuity in expert furniture craftsmanship, but for the unparalleled and exquisite materials utilized in their artistry. Here, materials are expressions of their passion, creativity and extensive research. Their wide range of finishes and upholsteries allows you to completely customize each piece to fit the state and needs of your home, family, and lifestyle. The fine fabric offerings are a delight not only to view but to touch, as close attention is paid to the unique tactile feel of these upholsteries. Both the natural and the technically crafted fabrics boast an unmistakable tactile pleasantness. 60 years of experience has made these crafters experts in leather, and working it to perfection has become second nature. They view it as a living material that breathes and whose natural marks are a sign of their authenticity and an inspiration to the master artisans who create with it.

Their team of tanners seeks and selects the finest hides and employs a unique tanning process to make elegant upholstery beyond compare. A commitment to eco-sustainability means that everything is designed and crafted with an eye on the environment, peoples health, and is completely non-toxic, safe, and is available in a variety of types to suit your tastes and needs. Each hide is too thick to upholster whole and we offer both the top grain leather (the top part of the split in this process) or split grain (the bottom part of the split hide.) For the optimum organic feel, our Natural Leathers are the epitome of comfort and quality, and for those looking for a feel slightly more hearty, waterproof, and durable, the Protecta Leather offers an alternative no less luxurious. With endless choices, the finest materials, and expert craftsmen, there can be no better choice for leather furnishings than Natuzzi Italia.


Pascquale Natuzzi was raised as the son of a carpenter in Italy's Puglia region on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The second of seven children growing up in post-war Italy, Pasquale began working with his father at a very early age, learning the tools and shaping the wood that would one day be the foundation of his heirloom furniture. By the age of fifteen he was an apprentice to a master upholsterer. Having found his life's calling, he founded the Natuzzi Group at the incredible age of nineteen. Driven and dedicated to quality, he built a business able to withstand countless set-backs through dedication and relentless pursuit of his vision. In 1981 Pasquale introduced his handmade Italian leather sofa to the American market. Previously the purvey of a privileged few, Pasquale and his company now offered pieces of exceptional design and craftsmanship that appealed immediately to American's sense of value. From humble beginnings, his company is now the largest manufacturer of Italian furnishings in the world with a presence in 123 countries on five continents.

"Every day we export the soul of our beautiful country in the world through our products. Made in Italy is the unique and unrepeatable result of our culture, art, beauty of our landscapes." - Pasquale Natuzzi 2015


Standing on the Dias at the Italian Parliament before the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic, Pasquale Natuzzi addressed the prestigious gathering as the recipient of the 2015 Italian Talent Award. His unique approach to collaborating with forward thinking designers and his commitment to sustainable building materials had made his brand a national icon. His unique control of the manufacturing process, selection of the choicest materials, and his attention to every detail of the retail experience had earned him a place at the pinnacle of European culture. But here he chose to speak of his native Puglia whose breathtaking landscapes still inspire his most innovative designs: “I dedicate this award to our region, Puglia... A masterpiece of nature and talented people, a land to which we will always be grateful”.

The moment epitomizes Pasquale's ability to embody an industry standard while remaining connected to his earliest understanding of beauty. Filling your living space with Natuzzi furnishings is an expression of social consciousness and style. It is indelibly linked to century old traditions of quality.