Essentia mattresses

Listening to Jack Dell Accio founder and CEO of Essentia talk about mattresses is like hearing Albert Einstein talk about math. It’s his life’s work. The guy knows mattresses. Even more importantly he makes a clear distinction between the decisions bedding manufacturers make based on healthy sleeping and decisions based on purely successful marketing.



The mission to create a healthy, vapor free, hypo-allergenic organic mattress is clearly more than just a business pursuit for Jack Dell Accio, it’s a passion. Essentia makes the healthiest, organic, natural foam mattresses money can buy; period. In a February, 2018 interview with Olympic medalist and High-Performance Coach Catherine Garceau, Jack spells out subtle but significant differences between mattresses claiming to be “natural” and those made with organic components. His statements are supported by third party analysis which certify Essentia mattresses meet and exceed the Global Organic Textile Standard, the Global Organic Latex Standard, and the EuroLatex ECO-Standard.

Taking a health conscious approach to shaping your interior living space is a priority for professional athletes as well as top level executives and of course… parents. Here Essentia has taken the concept to a new level of refinement. Every Essentia natural memory foam and organic latex mattress is made with sustainable, fair-trade, non-toxic materials that exceed industry and federal safety standards, that’s a guarantee; a decade long money-back manufacturer guarantee and one of the longest in the business. But the reason NHL champions like Marcus Kruger of the Blackhawks choose Essentia is the customized ProCor system designed to shape a sleep system especially for the musculature of the discerning quality. Using state-of-the-art sports training technology, an “Essentia ID” is created mapping a client’s spinal deviations, muscular tensions, and weight distribution. A one-of-a-kind organic mattress is created based on this which accelerates stress recovery and provides the deep natural sleep that can make all the difference in competition. No wonder professional boxer and Light-Heavyweight Champion Jean Pascal goes as far as to bring his own customized Essentia mattress with him as he prepares for title bouts around the world.



Italian Design Interiors is proud to add Essentia mattresses to its distinguished selection of handmade Italian furnishings. These carefully crafted organic sleep systems are a wonderful compliment to IDI’s many sustainable hardwood and vapor-free textiles. When it comes to natural memory foam “sleeping is believing” so visit our Watertown design center and let the comfort of Essentia convince you.

Natuzzi Galaxy: a universe of comfort awaits

Natuzzi Italia dominates the universe of luxury furnishings with their uncompromising dedication to industry-leading technologies and precious handcrafted fabrics. But what really sets this design house apart is their willingness to boldly go beyond the simply stylish, the trendy modular, and probe the province of the true original, where often their mass-market contemporaries fear to tread. Enter the Galaxy Sofa. Natuzzi for years has explored the outer limits of recliner design with new technology like the zero wall system, pioneering ergonomically placed, hidden, built-in fingertip controls, and dual function headrests. Galaxy is a full expression of these break throughs, balanced in a piece centered on pure comfort and superb flexibility.


They begin with a spacious, incredibly comfortable, invitingly lush sofa the draws you into its orbit with inviting curves and soft, deeply padded seats. It is positively expansive and yet the interior designer at Italian Design Interiors surprisingly informs you that Galaxy can fit easily into your Back Bay apartment. It’s a recliner? Isn’t that something Grandpa sits in to watch the nightly news? Galaxy is to recliners what the Starship Enterprise would be to Buck Rogers; a marvel. It’s not a capsule it’s a bridge, a destination in the realm of comfort where your journey of relaxation begins. You choose your unique footrest, adjust them effortlessly, even aligning the headrest forward slightly to support your command (of the home entertainment center) perfectly. Snuggle in and enjoy your favorite sci-fi remake as a family. Available in corner and inline version, two or three seats, countless other configurations, and dozens of leather and fabric options. The sky is the limit when you and your IDI personal design consultant visualize your living space with Galaxy as the conceptual center. 



The thrust of this transformative furnishing is Natuzzi’s selection of fine leathers and upholstery imaginatively applied to heirloom quality structural materials. The lines and form are inventive and timeless in their execution. This allows Galaxy to pose beautifully beside the latest contemporary tables and settees, or anchor beside nineteenth century hardwood antiques. It’s a language of design that transcends period and works fluently in rooms influenced by many cultures. The person reclining on the sofa commands the focus. The choices that inform this design, the completely hidden mechanics, the cushioning that adjusts to the individual, the preciousleather insert on the armrests tucked in so elegantly, all enhance the comfort experience.

Italian Design Interiors Watertown showroom offers the largest collection of Natuzzi Galaxy Sofas on display and available for your test-flight in New England. Boldly go!

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Natuzzi Iago: A Subtle, Stylish Character

“She that was ever fair and never proud,
Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud.”
Iago, Shakespeare’s “Othello”


Shakespeare’s famous villain Iago took a moment to describe the love of his life, and with it, the nature of understated beauty. Natuzzi Italia has lent his namesake to a creation singular in austere and muted elegance. Iago is the opposite of ostentatious. The low profile cubical form of this secretly comfy recliner places easily beside the boldest ultra-contemporary furnishings without overshadowing or dominating the visage. And yet, it is a gorgeous piece that speaks volumes about the refined taste of those that choose it.

Lurking beneath the surface of this uniquely low-seated collage of deeply padded block-form cushions, are the relaxation devices Natuzzi uses to write the poetry of comfort. Handsomely, handcrafted “pinched” stitching aliterate the phrases of it’s composition. Few sofas are similar, but many attempt to plagiarize the originality, and thus are cheapened in the attempt.



Othello was a “soft touch” to Iago’s machinations, an irony not lost on the designers at Natuzzi Italia. Their Soft Touch mechanism allows every seat in the Iago to be adjusted perfectly to suit the character or your comfort. Memory Foam padding softens every angle and soothes your every slight suffered by the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” while still remaining beautifully formed. “A timeless classic,” oft overused in literary criticism, is apropos in describing Iago’s uncanny ability to incorporate the Zerowall space saving system without shattering the illusion of the ultra-contemporary; delivering a subtle sophistication. The entire relax system can be powered with a rechargeable battery, dispensing with inelegant cordage, and liberating this sofa to stand cleanly apart in any area of your living space. An interior designers dream in it’s flexibility, it leaps off the page in renderings while remaining an understated essential to any luxurious living space.



“Action is eloquence” according to Shakespeare. Creating a magnificently soft, yet stylishly iconic piece that acts the part, both in the realm of the aesthetic and in service to the sublime pursuit of relaxation, is therefor a sofa “devoutly to be wished.” Iago can take many forms: as an inline recliner, with a corner configuration, even without the recliner option as a seriously comfortable divan. Your personal design consultant at Italian Design Interiors can assist your selection of the perfect woven fabric or hand-tooled leather upholstery to place this character effortlessly in the story of your elegant living space. Our Watertown Design Center is the perfect place to encounter the Iago Sofa and it’s clever cadence of comfort and prescient allure.

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Fidelio sofa Bog

Natuzzi Italia Fidelio


Devotion, loyalty, ardor, all feelings evoked by the name Fidelio, a loose translation of Fidelity from Italian. Also the way you are likely to feel about this remarkable piece of contemporary furniture, a piece that will literally transform the way you experience your modern living space. Sound excessive? It won’t after you’ve kicked back with your favorite book, surrounded by this plush, over-stuffed, hand crafted leather recliner. This is seriously well conceived luxury. Consider the source. Master interior design architects Maurizio Manzoni and Roberto Tapinassi (made famous for founding their own elite design studio Arketipo) have collaborated with Natuzzi Italia to deliver this innovative, style-forward sofa in broad strokes of innovation and craftsmanship.
Foremost, the Fidelio sofa is about comfort. It’s beautiful to look at but even more beautiful to relax into. Over twenty shades of thickened Natuzzi leather upholstery are available along with dozens of other fabric options which wrap the soft memory foam in a smooth, ever durable covering matching any interior color scheme. These neatly tucked seams literally billow with padding in the expansive headrest which spans the entire seat. Tiered leg rests stretch out to put you fully at ease. The equally well apportioned arm rests angle out slightly to match the contours of your body and make that impromptu nap even more cozy when you stretch across all three seats.


Natuzzi Italia Fidelio


True to form, Manzoni and Tapinassi’s dapper recliner features a full compliment of clever engineering, making this piece as easy to enjoy as one can imagine. Soft Touch mechanisms, right where you reach for them but seemingly invisible, activate the recliner simultaneously moving all the rest surfaces to your favorite positions. Choose the rechargeable battery option to place the Fidelio in the center of the room free of power cords, or (if your interior design places the sofa against a wall) the Zerowall System allows the recliner to open perfectly without loosing any interior space.
From the rolled seams on the thickened Italian leather, to the elegant stainless steel framing that gracefully encompasses the arms, framing the entire seat in a single band, there is no question this is a stunning piece visually. Pair Fidelio with the Naos Armarcord Coffee Table (also featured in our Watertown Design Center) to accent movement and inventive design as a focal point in your living room.


Natuzzi Italia Fidelio


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Cattelan Italia Milan 17 News, Tables part 2

Nido Keramik Bar Table



It’s been said that, if there is one symbol that represents French society and its joie de vivre, it is the Paris cafe. The very phrase drums up images of cobblestone streets with colorful awnings, quaint chairs, and coffee with the foam just right resting on a marble bar. If you feel as at home in this setting as you do in, well, your home, why not merge the two by bringing the Nido Keramik Bar Table by Cattelan Italia into your abode. The Nido Bar table captures the very essence of the perfect Parisian cafe, with it’s ceramic top, available in three elegant and picturesque finishes, and it’s unmistakably Parisian frame, also available in thee ideal finishes to suit your exact decor needs. Set next to a pair of distinct bar stools or standing alone, the Nido Bar Table provides that much longed for je ne sais quoi to any home.

Premier Keramik Drive Table


Premier Keramik Drive


Cattelan Italia designers Andrea Lucatello and Giorgio Cattelan have created a sleek, flawlessly elegant dining masterpiece for your home. The Keramik Drive Table is the jewel of the Premier collection. The way the table extensions move with smooth precision into place creating a seamlessly smooth, elegantly austere serving surface simply has to been seen in order to be believed. It’s an easy, solid, wonderfully transformative process that frees up enormous space in your home without compromising sophistication or style. Cut from a single piece of Marni ceramic, the deeply fluid marbling and fine coloration move throughout the entire table top so you simply forget the table has been extended until you’re ready to change the configuration. Choices abound in this designer’s dream of a table, with 8 different surface colors and 3 base finishes to excite your palette. Superior design features, sublime colors and lines, this is Keramic Drive Table is a gem.


Premier Wood Drive Table


Premier Wood Drive


The Premier Collection by Cattelan Italia represents the optimum experience in fine Italian furniture design. Andrea Lucatello and Giorgio Cattelan have collaborated to create a sculptural centerpiece for this collection. The Wood Drive Table is simply magical in its execution, effortlessly transforming from a space-saving dining surface to an expansive banquette table with clever lift-and-lock extensions. These leaves tuck neatly under the exquisitely chosen Canaletto Walnut surface making them virtually invisible in casual dining settings. Slide them out, lift, lock in place, and you’ve extended this divine work of Italian craftsmanship to its maximum length; an optional 109” overall. That’s an expansive setting for even the largest family gathering. Adding to the beauty and versatility of the Wood Drive Table is double diamond wedge base available in 5 finishes. This table is a stunning marriage of innovative function and fabulous form.


Premier Wood Drive


Roll Keramik Table



Paulo Cattelan has created a contemporary dining table that is both distinct and classic in it’s simplicity. A wonderfully thin serving surface, presented in your choice of Alabastro, Ardesia, matt or golden Calacatta, the top is balanced on robust legs of titanium or embossed lacquered steel. With the Roll Keramik Table, is configured to suit your seating and dining space with an option of 3-5 legs in varying widths. The concept is to create a unique silhouette perfectly in harmony with the lines and textures of your decor. The durable and easy maintenance of Marni ceramic combines the beauty of a richly marbled table top with infinitely practical materials. An interior designer’s dream, the Roll Keramik Table enhances the allure of the room while providing a large ultra-modern dining surface perfect for every event.



Cattelan Italia Milan 17 News, Tables part 1

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Cattelan Italia Milan 17 News, Tables part 1

Ipanema Keramik Table


“Tall and tan and lovely,” as the song goes, “The girl from Ipanema goes walking and when she passes, each one she passes goes ‘ah”. This playfully elegant table by Cattelan Italia brings out the “ah” response from first glance as well. This smooth-topped ceramic table with a base that forms a shapely shadow. Combine this tough little chassis with a groovy array of finishes and tops in beautifully veined Calcutta Marni ceramic or smokey Ardesia Marni ceramic, two of four superbly polished, lavishly marbled surface options. The base steps up the style in black, graphite, or titanium, a slender legging offering solid support. The Ipanema Keramik table is a sophisticated sassy addition to any occasion in your dining or living space.


Klirr Table


How can a dining room feel both elegantly futuristic and yet classically timeless? This is the question the designer Emanuele Zenere of Cattelan Italia posed when creating the KLIRR Dining table. With a stunning combination of clear or extra clear glass, and a central beam in robust Canaletto Walnut, open pore ashwood stained in burned oak, or matt black, the KLIRR table fuses grace with strength and the fresh with the enduring. Available in a variety of sizes and glass tabletop shapes, the simple elegance of the table mingles seamlessly with any home decor from Art Deco to Eclectic and all things in between. Whatever home it finds itself in, The Klirr table can’t help but inspire praise and awe. Like standing on the edge of a sea leading to a brave new world and feeling the familiar and refreshing ocean mist in your face, the Klirr table will cleanse and fortify, making you and your guests feel intrepidly at home.



Nido Keramik Bistrot


When Edith Piaf first sang of seeing life through rose colored glasses, we all became French for a time, imagining eating croissants along the Sienne, gliding up the Champs Elysee, sipping coffee in a petit cafe by the Eiffel tower, and perhaps even falling in love. With such reveries, who would not want to take a piece of that world into their daily reality? That is precisely the goal achieved with Catalan Italia’s NIDO KERAMIK BISTROT table. The quaint and idiosyncratic Parisan cafe can come to life inside your home with breathtaking modern elegance. Available in three striking ceramic top finishes as well as three equally impressive frame finishes (and three possible sizes to fit your needs,) your dining or living space can truly become a thing of beauty with a touch of fantasy. With the NIDO KERAMIK BISTROT table in your home, each day will be La Vie En Rose.



Premier Drive Table


Powerfully built with a sleek design that inspires confidence and sophistication, the Cattelan Italia Premier Drive Table is a dauntless and discerning choice for any dining room. The name itself tells you all you need to know about the table: “Premier”- for number one, top of the line, peerless, preeminent, and unsurpassed. The Cadillac. The Rolls Royce. “Drive”- for movement, propelling forward, instinct, and extension. And “Catalan Italia”- for one of the leading companies in innovative, well built, groundbreaking, and expertly designed furniture in the wold. With bases available in titanium, black, or graphite embossed steel as well as top finishes in extra-clear white, extra-clear frosted white, extra-clear graphite, or extra-clear frosted graphite, the options for a fashion-smart motif that perfectly fits your home abound. Besides that the Premier Drive is versatile in that it is an extendable table, it is also available in three unique sizes to fit your space and lifestyle. Launched in 2017, there is nothing so fresh and so streamlined and so ready to make your dining room polished to perfection.

Cattelan Italia Milan 17 News, Tables part 2

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The Volo Collection by Natuzzi Italia: Luxury Takes Flight

The history of the modern recliner begins, of all places, in the pilots lounge of an American aircraft carrier, where officers reclined in leather chairs that tilted back, designed to put them at ease before a taking off into combat. The designer later adapted these seats to carry men to the moon. The concept was a simple one: a durable but soft, finely stitched leather seat, with padding that recovered its shape, capable of reclining into a position that a person would feel completely comfortable in no matter how stressful the mission. Natuzzi has taken the recliner, expanded on it in a variety of innovative ways, refined the luxuriousness as only a marquise Italian furniture company can, and endowed the creation with components that make this beautiful settee soar. In Italian Volo literally means ‘flight’, and easing back using the effortless controls of this imaginative sofa puts you in touch with an unparalleled feeling of sumptuousness and elevation.



If relaxing on a beautifully hand-crafted Italian leather cloud of comfort, feet up in front of a terrific movie is your idea of an evening well spent, then Volo is the perfect home entertainment seating solution. Exquisitely grained hand worked leather, available in every imaginable shade or texture, is just the beginning of the options offered by Natuzzi Italia in this collection. There are literally over one hundred and fifty coverings including deep-piled fabrics, robust houndstooth and herringbone tweeds, and brilliantly toned synthetics. Choose the patterned retro feel of ‘Teal Brown Asterisco’ or the super-charged ‘Tirreno Dreamfibre,’ all highlighted with the handcrafted stitching (also available in contrasting colors) characteristic of Natuzzi’s heritage and timeless attention to detail. The support, and the ability of this piece to retain its beauty and shape for years to come, are courtesy of high-tech, pressure sensitive memory foam layered into every cushion in this piece. It’s soft and pliant, recovering completing after every use.



One of the space-age mechanics built in to this superb sofa is the ingenious ‘Soft Touch’ control panel in the armrest. Glide your finger along the surface of the sensor, which is perfectly positioned in easy reach and you control the rise of the backrest, leg rest, and pitch of the seat. Invisible to the naked eye, this seamless set of instruments are a perfect balance of elegant form and efficient function. Again, like a finely tuned aircraft, design and practical experience work in harmony with state-of-the-art components to create a classic. The final addition to the already splendid array of mechanical sorcery imbedded in the Volo, is the “zero wall system.” Most work-a-day reclining sofas require lots of clearance space behind the back to allow for the backrest to open. Not so the Volo. With precision on take-off, the headrest structure lifts and retracts, tucking into itself to create a an aerodynamic, zero clearance surface that can fit neatly against your wall so no space is wasted.



A smooth, distinctive solution created by consummate design professionals, this richly appointed, classic living room essential is available in a space saving extended two seater or as a sectional rich with configuration possibilities. Take a test flight on the Volo by Natuzzi Italia at our Watertown Design Center. Volo: artistry and ingenuity synchronized for soaring comfort.

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5 best Cattelan Italia dining tables

Skorpio Dining Table

The very name Skorpio dining table is provocative. It conjures a myriad of images from Zodiac signs to 70’s action films. It’s a flashy contemporary moniker that’s not afraid to grab the attention of the discerning customer; not unlike the table. This piece races past traditional design composition to set a new place for itself in your home decor. Like all creations by Cattelan Italia, it is visually defined by an effortless balance of quality composition and stylistic expectation. Giorgio Cattelan believes “furniture should be a way to experience time and life” and the Skorpio dining table epitomizes this ethos.


Cattelan Italia Skorpio Table


The base makes a stunningly bold statement. Available in 5 finishes including striking colors like orange fluo and graphite embossed lacquer, the angular power of this architectural support rises to cradle countless dining surface options. One of the most striking combinations is the more “organic” ferrous raw metal base paired with an 118″ x 47″ racetrack oval transparent glass top. Offset with matching Isabel dining chairs, this complete ensemble is the perfect setting for a gourmet dinner party or late-night cocktails that rage until dawn. Fourteen sizes, shapes and surface materials offered in a broad spectrum of opacities mean endless design solutions for your living space.


Cattelan Italia Skorpio Table


Eliot Keramik Dining Table


Cattelan Italia Eliot Keramik Table


Eliot Keramik Table by Cattelan Italia is the quintessential example of this stylish design firm’s ability to create pieces of practical, lasting beauty. Featured prominently in Cattelan’s recent exhibition in Milan, this piece with its bold finishes is a stunning step forward in contemporary dining. Crafted in Marni ceramic, and offered in Ardesia, Alabastro or Calacatta colors, Giorgio Cattelan has combined a classic Italian setting surface with a sleek, modern, highly functional base. The ceramic in these textures is hardwearing while at the same time conveying a warmth and opulence. Proportionality is the secret to the flexibility of this piece. The elevation of the perfectly balanced, slim-line table surface is made possible by a painted steel base whose vault suggests modern architectural inspirations. The support underlying the Marni ceramic is virtually invisible giving the entire table a sense of effortless poise. The Eliot Keramik table is a timeless beauty of superb utility that sits as comfortably in the dining room as in the boardroom.


Cattelan Italia Eliot Keramik Table


Reef Dining Table

With all the natural allure of the coral from which the Reef Dining Table derives its name, combined with the the sleek elegance of blanched glamour, this refined piece by Cattelan Italia is sure to bring a poised simplicity and unflinching charm to any room it graces. As smooth and polished as a pebble in the ocean, the streamlined design of the Reef table may seem straightforward, but at a glance it’s easy to see that it is a true masterpiece of the Cattelan Italia Dining Tables collection. Its understated boldness and its magnetic beauty tell the story. Featuring a superbly well crafted solid carrara marble or white embossed MDF top, and a tasteful, slanted Cristal plant base, the Reef table demonstrates a spirited, yet chic flare worthy of any smart living or working space. It is available in three different sizes as round or oval. In any combination, you are guaranteed all the beauty of the sea’s awe-inspiring coral reefs, with the strength and stamina of the tides themselves.


Cattelan Italia Reef Dining Table


Giano Keramik Dining Table


Cattelan Italia Giano Keramik Dining Table


The expression goes that “if it aint broke, don’t fix it,” but take a closer look at the designed fracture in the bold steel base of the Giano Keramik Dining Table made by Cattelan Italia. You’ll quickly find that cracked visage is not only aesthetically stunning, but a rare demonstration of chic design savvy matched with this table’s sophistication and functionality. The whole composition is a study in juxtaposition and balancing acts. The star of the first act is the ultra thin ceramic top, available in Marmi, Calacatta, or Alabastro ceramic, balanced like the stone in Pikes Peak’s Garden of the Gods on a powerful embossed lacquered steel base, available in white, black, or graphite. The next balancing act is the way the fashionable and utterly elegant design compliments the functional, solid, and indestructible materials. Perhaps this is why Cattelan Italia designers Manzoni and Tapinassi accented the base with that bolt of captivating design ingenuity. With a wink they might say ‘First, tell me it’s broke, then tell me who on earth would want to fix it?’


Cattelan Italia Giano Keramik Dining Table


Plisset Dining Table


If you believe that you, your family and your guests deserve to enjoy both functional and uniquely stylish dining in your home, then take a close look at the Cattelan Italia Plisset Table. Like the rolling sands of a crisp wind-swept desert  set against a clear glass-blue sky, so is the sleek-ridged and utterly elegant marble base of the Plisset Table set against the clear (or extra clear) glass finish of the tabletop. One can almost image Lawrence of Arabia returning home and bringing with him a new sense of suave design, seen through his newly expanded minds eye. That film, whose image the Plisset table evokes, was deemed “aesthetically significant”, so it’s no wonder that the table will feel aesthetically significant to the  character of your dining room and home. Made by Cattelan Italia, a company that has been at the forefront of sharp contemporary craftsmanship since the 70s, the Plisset table, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, satisfies both a desire for classic grace and modern vitality that would be a glamours addition to any graceful home.


Cattelan Italia Plisset Table


Skorpio Keramik Dining Table


Cattelan Italia Skorpio Keramik Dining Table


The Scorpio Keramik dining table weds two superb design concepts. Envisioned by Andrea Lucattello for Cattelan Italia, this piece creates a luxurious focal point for formal dining engagements while being equally well prepared to take on the rigors of family life. Available in 5 finishes that include striking colors like orange fluo and graphite embossed lacquer, the angular, architecturally inspired, bold base supports a classic Italian setting surface as sleek as it is strong. With Made in Italy quality, Cattelan Italia’s newest addition to the Skorpio dining collection, creates an added dimension of practicality with it’s innovative ceramic top finishes. The table top is composed of robust and highly durable Calcatta or Alabastro Marmi ceramic; a surface that resists staining, abrasions, or bending, and is effortless to clean. Beautiful and enduring, this pragmatic ceramic abounds with naturally occurring color, varied vein and compliments the cool metallic geometric base. Pair this highly flexible centerpiece with a set of Maya Flex ML dining chairs and place this beside the Chelsea Sideboard for a complete contemporary dining experience as livable as it is visually impressive.


Cattelan Italia Skorpio Keramik Dining Table


Cattelan Italia Furniture

Cattelan Italia Dining Tables

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