The company, with the name of Falegnameria Toscana, was founded in 1963 by Armido Ristori, who, along with another three partners, made his entry into the world of furniture, specializing in the production of furniture for the home and kitchen modules. From the very beginning passion and hard work have been the distinctive characteristics of this master craftsmen's company, a company that has always had the achievement of excellence as its prime objective. The real turning point in the company's history came about in the 1970's, thanks to a meeting with the designer Giancarlo Vegni. The firm, which had been transformed from a carpenters workshop into a veritable industry, began to specialize in mass-produced fitted kitchens. In 1973 the factory plant was constructed on an area of 60,000 m2 and that is how Effeti industries came to be. A modern efficient company, with a clear innovative character and with the entire production line for its kitchens on the factory grounds, from the working of the wood, marble, metals and alloys to the painting, varnishing, finishing of the doors and delivery of the finished product.

For more information on Effeti visit their website: www.effeti.com/eng/