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Cattelan Italia founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, continues to surprise the furniture world by introducing innovative contemporary furniture for the past 35 years. Today, The management of Cattelan Italia was passed on to their son Paolo, who keeps the family tradition of working with some of Italy's most famous designers. Gastone Rinaldi, Yoshino and Emilio Nanni are but a few of the design innovators who've contributed to Cattelan's award-winning collection. At IDI as one of Cattelan dealer USA dealers, we very proud to showcase the largest selection of dining tables, chairs, sideboards, mirrors, in the Boston Metro Area to provide our loyal customers with some options of platform beds, coffee tables, chaise lounge and other contemporary furniture to complete their full interior design concept.

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Cattelan Italia: Generations of Genius

Thane, in the Province of Vincenza, is a tiny bastion of rustic beauty in Northern Italy. It's terra cotta streets are bejeweled with gothic castles and fresco-laden churches. Giorgio Cattelan grew up wandering the corridors of these architectural masterpieces, trailing his master carpenter father whose trade flourished, restoring and crafting ornate replica furniture with the help of his seven sons. The furnishings of these remarkable places, the baroque finishings, the marble, the plush settees, all created in Giorgio Cattelan a sense of angular style that transcends a traditional boutique fashion sense. In Thane he learned that "classic" meant beauty that endured for hundreds of years.

Fast-forward to 1979; with five of his six brothers already in the furniture business, Giorgio and Silvia founded Cattelan Italia SPA. Their focus at first were small marble complements and occasional stands, lovingly finished. An instant hit in the boutique market for export, the scope of their endeavors soon broadened to include collaborations with some of Italy's most inventive designers—Gastone Rinaldi, Yoshino and Emilio Nann, to name a few. Cattelan Italia SPA had enthusiasm and positivity at the core of the company and this developed into a philosophy. In the eyes of Giorgio, "The house is the icon of loved belongings." Inspired by the dramatic spires of his childhood home, not surprisingly he is devoted to the balance that enables masterpieces to endure. He is quoted as saying, "The 'beautiful' for me is above all functionality."

In 1995 the family tradition of ingenuity added a generation. Lorenzo and Paolo Cattelan joined their father in positions of leadership within the family's growing team. Paolo, an award winning designer in his own right, immediately began expanding the horizons of Cattelan Italia with innovative furniture offerings, new materials, and cutting edge style. The acquisition of the prestigious firm ARKETIPO in 2011 inked the deal. With a reputation for upscale offerings and elegance, the addition of this Florentine design house, now under the guidance of Lorenzo Cattelan, expanded the company into a full spectrum of upholstered offerings for every setting.

Creativity flourished and market share expanded as Cattelan Italia built on its tradition of designing highly functional, contemporary funiture with an air of the spontaneous. However, true to Giorgio Cattelan's vision, the design team always preserved an eye toward lasting value and price. Interior design professionals the world over fell in love with the brand. Now exporting to 150 Countries with hundreds of hand-picked dealers with a unique online outlet platform and online store, this family-held design firm in Veneto, with its deep commitment to the Made in Italy marque, quietly evolved into a position of dominance in the custom furniture business. The brand's presence in the USA include's our own fabulous Watertown design showroom which distinguishes us as the top USA Dealer of Cattelan Italia furniture. 2021 will usher in a new era of expanded offerings in the USA on display with select dealers as well as at our online shop and the Cattelan Italia outlet.

Exhibitions in Milan, Paris, Valencia, Moscow, and Cologne followed with stunning pieces designed by Georgio and Paolo Cattelan. Many of these, are timelessly erudite, frequently imitated, but never surpassed. The elegant finishings featuring rare materials like alabaster, Calacatta, and native Italian slate juxtaposed with highly versatile powder brushed steel. Giorgio even fashioned an ultra-modern rocker with optional Mongolian lamb fur covering. At Salone del Mobile in 2019, Cattelan Italia unveiled more than 40 new pieces in a display that spanned almost 800 square meters. An angular forest of lines, muted fur leathers, heirloom textured marbles and ceramics united in settings that suggested Victorian as well as Romanesque influences. An even more impressive display awaits dealers, and boutique collectors at Salone del Mobile 2021.

We are proud to feature many of Cattelan Italia’s iconic pieces in our Watertown design showroom as well as in our online store. See for yourself the timeless beauty of the Cattelan collection.